About us

Earnestic is a UK based Investment Company working with the best CryptoCurrency Traders


Today you can invest in the best cryptocurrencies in a blink of an eye, if you have good market knowledge and trading skills. Traders take more money out of the cryptocurrency market than anyone else in the field. Forget about mining, it needs expensive equipment and electricity fees. You could also earn money by holding funds in cryptos, but that's a low income compared to trading. Cryptos are highly volatile at the moment. Why not use this volatility to earn yourself a great income?

Earnestic is working with the best traders online (one of them is Kareem) to be part of the crypto "bubble". The higher amount we use for trading, the higher amount of returns we can make. These returns are split between our investors, and our workers.


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Meet the Founders... they are with us since the beginning!

Founder, CEO

Being a businessman since I was 18 years old and running several successful companies, I've joined the CryptoCurrency community in 2012. I have seen the potential in the Cryptos and decided to make an investment firm working with them.

Funds Management

Kareem is also an early adopter of Cryptos having investments in several "old" currencies, and also making daily trading with the newcomers. By understanding the market he is able to earn a substantial income only by trading the currencies.


I have been interested in marketing since I was a child. I always stared at the commercials and seen the power in them in attracting people. By finishing a marketing school and also constantly educating myself I can easily say: I'm happy with my performance and the job I do!

Web Developer

Jad has been a developer since he was 10. First learning Basic, Turbo Pascal, also learning Perl & PHP, DB handling (MySQL, CSV, Excel). He is working hard to create the best of his work. He's an in house developer for Earnestic he can correct all bugs instantly and also make new features way faster than outsourcing could do.